Virtual Training Course

With the recent change in the 2020 ACLS & PALS courses, Virtual training is no longer necessary.

The 2020 Release of ACLS & PALS allows for viewing the videos at home and then coming to class for a 2-3 hour session. This is even better than the Virtual option and allows for a safe convenient course.

To minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission during AHA courses, the American Heart Association has put protocols in place that allows us to do our classes virtually.  The upcoming classes will be done via Zoom.  In this session, you will be able to watch the videos and interact with our instructor(s) and take a written exam.  

Please understand that in-person classes are easier for learning. When you take on an Online or Virtual course we assume you have prepared for the course. We do provide links to preparation information so you can get the most from your training. I will emphasize that Virtual and Online training is not the same as in-person training.

​Upon successful completion of this process, you will be scheduled to conduct a hands-on skills practice and skills session. When all course requirements are met you will receive an AHA completion card valid for 2 years. 

We have found this to be very conducive for Renewal students.

For the Initial students, we have taken extra measures to give the best training possible and allow for a Skills Session that will tie together the online training with hands-on practice.

If there are any questions, please reach out directly.

Virtual training requirements

  1. Training must be done on computer or tablet device with audio & video enabled
  2. Be able to interact with the course i.e. ask and answer questions
  3. Be able to attend the entire duration of the course

 For download information please visit or download from the Apple app store or Google play store.

​ This is a new direction that we are going in so we ask for your patience as we navigate these new waters

Contact the Training Center for more information – 718-441-0656