Congratulations are in order, you’re done with school.

Now it’s time to work. Your friends tell you their having a hard time getting a job.  Well, that depends on how you go about it.  Hospitals need you and they are hiring more nurses than they ever have been in the past,  This is the best time to be a nurse.  You will be very happy to have achieved the great status of NURSE.  You will get a good salary and great benefits.

So how to get a decent job and be happy.

  1. Apply online to all the hospitals that have online application submissions.
  2. Use your clinical time as experience.  That’s why you had clinical s, it’s experience.
  3. Every week, go to your online applications, Sunday is a good time, and change your birthday.  One day before, one day after, it doesn’t matter which way you go.  This will make your application new and it will come up on the recruiters desk on the next day as updated.  (every time you change a date on your application, it makes it New and the recruiter will see it on  their desk the next day).
  4. When you get an interview, keep your mouth shut.   They are not one of your friends.  As much as you think they are making you comfortable, this first impression is very important. Only answer questions asked with short responses. Do not try to impress with knowledge.

These steps have worked for many new grads.  A manager or director just want to see if you a trainable and can fit into their department.  Your knowledge will be expanded with time, they know that, so just be your self and be confident.

When is comes to certifications, ACLS & PALS are not always required.  By having these on your applications, it lets them know you can pass these courses.  When they see you already have ACLS, they don’t have to worry that you may not be able to get certified.  PALS is very specific, you will have time to get it later, once hired.  As long as they see you passed ACLS, they know you can pass PALS.

Good Luck and Congrats