American Heart Association certification courses for professionals

Knowing how to give first aid is crucial, whether you are a paramedic or someone working with
hazardous substances or equipment. Handling medical emergencies is a must-have skill for
every healthcare and non-healthcare professional, and you can acquire it after completing AHA
online courses at GoACLS, an AHA-approved training center.
Our courses align with CPR and ECC guidelines by the American Heart Association, the
leading cardiopulmonary resuscitation organization in the US. Our AHA certification classes are
structured to teach you to effectively manage life-threatening situations that require blood
oxygenation and circulation improvement.
Take primary-level or renewal training, receive an official certificate, and contribute to the joint
effort aimed at minimizing death caused by cardiac arrest.

Learn with the American Heart Association: Find a course for
your qualifications.

GoACLS empowers healthcare students, interns, nurses, and non-medical specialists to gain
and validate medical skills. During a well-organized day or evening class, you can get better at
CPR and other complex procedures that may save a life.
As an official American Heart Association training center, we can issue certificates to
professional healthcare providers seeking training for their jobs or other reasons. Depending on
your qualifications, you can enroll in the following courses at GoACLS:
● BLS. Deepen your knowledge about CPR and AED use while studying the latest
innovations in basic life-saving techniques. Learn to spot life-threatening symptoms,
adjust the ventilation/compression ratio in different patients, and successfully perform
primary resuscitation.
● ACLS. If you know the basics, AHA-approved ACLS training can be your next
step. Learn to manage cardiopulmonary arrest and similar emergencies in lifelike
situations modeled by our instructors. You will then take an exam to confirm your deep
CPR knowledge and flawless airway and resuscitation skills.
● PALS. For someone involved in pediatrics, a PALS class is a hands-on way of learning
to administer care to infants and children. Make sure you are well-versed in providing life
support for young patients with cardiac arrest and respiratory failure symptoms as you
proceed from one care-based scenario to the other.

Besides practical skills, you can fortify your quick-thinking and problem-solving mastery to
handle emergencies. Improve your team and individual work for advanced patient care!

How we improve your life-saving techniques during AHA classes

Whatever day or evening class you enroll in, you will receive comprehensive training online until
you advance to on-site sessions. After completing a pre-assignment, you will join a full-fledged
course at one of our brick-and-mortar centers.
For hands-on skill acquisition and practice, our courses include:
● How-to video lessons
● Lifelike scenarios and simulations
● Professional guidance
● Exams
We regularly update our American Heart Association courses according to the organization’s
recommendations and use official materials in each class.

Join an American Heart Association (AHA) Class

It’s up to you to take day or evening lessons for the perfect work-life balance. As a healthcare
professional, you can start your training at your convenience, as we arrange courses multiple
times throughout the week. We also have reduced prices for returning medical specialists and
group classes at the GoACLS AHA training center.