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GoACLS Training Center, offers certifications by American Heart Association ( AHA ). Chosen for their wide recognition within healthcare.
GoACLS offers you the training you need in the comforts of your own office or at one of our training facilities. We will work within your schedule and time frame to accomplish all your certification needs. We offer a variety of courses including some that we have developed for the Healthcare industry.
We offer certifications from the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI). Both were chosen for their wide recognition within healthcare.
Our instructors work in the medical community. Most are hospital based and can bring a vast of knowledge and firsthand experience to the training seminars. With experience comes educator value. Our staff brings that value to our students.
Throughout the year, we have some seasonal specials.
Also, if you would like to setup your own group just give us a call. We will reply back to you with a special price (Promo Code) for your group to use when registering. Either sign then up as a group or let each student sign up on there own (using the Promo Code). We make it that simple.
Corporate clients may contact us directly (888-503-3113) so that we may discuss your needs and expectations.
Dental and medical private practices, we can train your staff using a blended Online and Onsite course. This allows your staff to complete the Online portion at home and then a few minutes onsite skills evaluation per person and their certified.

Excellent! - Great Class Room! - Gerry is extremely experienced and an exceptional instructor. I plan on definitely returning to Gerry for my next "Life Support" renewal. Special "Note" to the "Long Island People" - Don't worry! - The Glendale Location has plenty of parking for your "Giant Super Sized" SUV's & Pick Up Trucks :-) - Sorry, couldn't help myself! On another note, - Gerry - Thank you for keeping things "Real" - I enjoyed your course!

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Very knowledgeable instructor for ACLS . The instructor has a good attitude and came across like he cared about what he teaches.The learning environment was comfortable and stress free. Received my card the same day. Thank You. 

Read Elina K.'s review of GoACLS Training Center on Yelp
Can't get too excited about professionally mandated re-certification. That stated, my experience with GoACLS Training Center was only positive. Straightforward, informative, and stress free. I wholeheartedly endorse this business.

Read Eli G.'s review of GoACLS Training Center on Yelp
Jerry is an amazing instructor! He is very knowledgeable and breaks the information down to you in a simple way you can understand. By the time the test comes it is a breeze!

Read Diana A.'s review of GoACLS Training Center on Yelp

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