Heartcode ACLS Part's 2 & 3 Skills Testing
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Heartcode ACLS Part's 2 & 3 Skills Testing Featured

This is the AHA Heartcode ACLS for Healthcare Providers Part's 2 & 3 (skills testing only).
This Web-based, self-paced instructional program uses eSimulation technology to allow students to assess and treat patients in virtual healthcare settings following the ACLS algorithms.In this environment, students apply their knowledge to real-time decision-making and skills development.
Debriefings and coaching are provided immediately after each simulation to facilitate learning about basic and advanced life support. A convenient alternative for taking the ACLS course, this online course allows students to train at their own pace and on their own schedule. This course is based on the 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR and ECC.
Course participants who successfully complete Part 1 (including the written exam) receive access to a printable certificate granting them entrance to a skills practice session (Part 2) and skills test (Part 3) with a certified American Heart Association Instructor, which they must pass to qualify for a ACLS for Healthcare Providers course card.

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